Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why focuses on unique financial issues affecting the LGBT community. Our seasoned tax preparers have prepared thousands of tax returns and have successfully obtained tax refunds for our clients, even where other tax preparers have been unable to do so. With the repeal of DOMA, gay couples who are married, registered domestic partners, or cohabitating, have special concerns relating to tax planning, estate planning, and other financial issues.
  • What is RDP Advantage™?

    RDP Advantage™ is only one of several opportunities available for the LGBT community.
  • How long will it take to receive the RDP Advantage™ refund?

    Once we receive all of the required information from you, will prepare the amended and/or original tax returns within two weeks. The IRS averages approximately six months to process the refunds, as almost all RDP Advantage™ returns are selected for examination. Some of our clients have received refunds in less than three months, while others have waited more than nine months.
  • What documents are required to qualify for the RDP Advantage™ refund? will need to review the following:

    a) Federal and State tax returns for both partners beginning in 2011, or the year the RDP became final, whichever is later, and for each year thereafter; and
    b) RDP and/or marriage certificate. If no tax return was filed for one of the partners, then a statement stating that no return was filed is sufficient.

  • If my partner and I are now married do we still qualify?

    The RDP Advantage™ is only one potential benefit afforded to LGBT couples. If you are now married, but were RDPs in 2011, 2012 or 2013, there may still be an opportunity to get the RDP refund.
  • Is there an income limitation?

    No, but not all RDPs qualify.
    The calculator on the home page will show you if you qualify.
  • Why have I never heard of the RDP Advantage™ before?

    Most tax preparers are unfamiliar with the rules and have not informed their clients of this opportunity. The RDP Advantage™ is a result of an IRS determination that in community property states, RDP couples may split their income. Since the ruling does not affect tax payers in all 50 states, it has received less press coverage than usual changes in the tax law.
  • How do I start the process?

    The fastest way to get started is to complete the form on our website and we will contact you. Alternatively, call our office at (855) 991-7680 or email us at and we can give you more information.
  • If I work with am I guaranteed to receive a refund?

    We cannot guarantee that you will receive a refund, but we will not proceed if we do not believe that you are entitled to a refund.
  • Will take a percentage of my refund?

    No. receives a set fee based on the work we do for you. We will provide you with a clear written schedule of charges, so there are no surprises.
  • How much do I pay upfront? does not require pre-payment. Our fee is payable after completion of the process.
  • Can I also file for the RDP Advantage™ on my state taxes?

    It is possible, but not likely. Most RDP couples file a joint state return (as though they were married, for tax purposes) and thus would not be eligible for the RDP Advantage™ on state tax returns.
  • Is the IRS refund we receive from the RDP Advantage™ taxable?

    No. IRS tax refunds are not taxable. If the IRS pays interest on the refunds, the earned interest income is taxable.
  • Can I get this refund every year?

    Maybe. The rules relating to the RDP Advantage™ remain consistent and if you are eligible in a given year, then yes, you can get the refund for that year. Your eligibility in one year does not determine your eligibility for other years. Your specific tax situation each year will determine your eligibility for the RDP Advantage™ refund.
  • Is there any impact on my taxes for the year following my receiving the refund?

    The refund itself does not impact your taxes at all, but often the IRS includes interest with the refund. That interest is taxable for federal purposes and needs to be included on your tax return as income in the year received. The fee you pay to is deductible as a tax preparation fee.
  • How do I contact

    Call us toll-free at (855) 991-7680; email us at or click the link to contact us.

If you have questions not covered here, or would like any additional information please contact us.